How will Google Make Money This Year

 Over the next few minutes you are going to witness some of the coolest strategies that Google has made to make money. We know that Google search engine makes money since day one. But do you know what is the latest strategies that Google has made to make money in this year? The secrets and strategies behind the Google marketing are revealed at So just hang on to this article for few minutes with your jaws opened because you are going to see how will Google make money this year.

 Google Adwords

Google Adwords: Many of us think that Google’s major source of income is the Search Engine or Android OS. But very few really know that the major source of income comes from its advertisements. Yes, around 97 percent of Google’s total revenue is from its advertisements. The ads that you are seeing on many websites usually named as “Ad choices” are actually the Google Ads. Now the question comes is “how with just the advertisements?” The answer is simple. There are lots of business people who want to promote their products and business either via online. These business owners do their promotion through  Google Adwords. They make their ads through Google Adwords and sell with quite a good amount to Google for promotion. In return what Google does is that they show up those advertisements on the first page of Google search results when someone makes some sort of search.

Google Adwords

For example,  if I am making a search of “Flowers”, then Google displays the Ads related to Flowers on their first page. Whenever someone clicks those ads, Google earns the money. Remember its only Google making money here in Google Adwords. Displaying the ads only in the search is not the only option here. Google in return make other website publishers to display these ads on their website. Here comes the word called Google Adsense. Google Adsense is an option for website owners mostly bloggers to make money online. The bloggers display those ads in their website and if someone clicks the ad, blogger earns the money. But remember there is also a hidden commission of Google here. So, what is the latest strategy this year by Google by these ads? Its that, if someone makes a fake click on their website which are delivered by Google will be taken by google and not the site owner or blogger. There is a very little chance that Google will be giving this money back to advertisers. This year every advertisers fate will be in debt.

Google Products: Google always favors new ideas in town. Yes, there are a hell lot of ideas in the minds of Google engineers that are very innovative. Google has launched their latest Google Nexus 7 and Google Chromecast was a great delivery by them to people who watch a lot of TV. Google has earned again a good money from the smartphone world. It was said that the latest product by Google will be a Google TV. Here is the another option of Google making money here.

Buy other Brands: After buying the in debt Motorola and making it more powerful again with the latest Moto X in the smartphone world, Google has its eyes on some of the biggest brands. Google has already bought the latest and biggest brand in GPS this year. Its Waze. Google also has its eyes on buying the brand Blackberry this year or the beginning of next year. Again more power and more money to Google.

Youtube: We all know that youtube is a free resource to watch online movies,videos and whatever. Youtube also sales the online movies for quite a good amount and from the next year beginning the price of buying the movies online will also burn your pockets.

Latest Innovation: Last but not the least is the overwhelming product by Google. Its the Google glass which will be a great money maker for Google. Currently Google Glass is available to only UK and USA, but soon after the October month, there is s chance that Google will release this product in other countries as well. Google Glass is all success and again a mode of income to the Google.

With what you saw above was a great and best strategies by Google to make money in 2013-2014.


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