This is Why Flipkart Sucks – My Experience On BigBillionDay

flipkart sucksOctober 6,2014 was a big day for Flipkart as they diluted hopes of millions of Indians with their “BigBillionDay” offer.What was once considered as the number 1 retailer in the e-commerce industry was actually planning to fool their consumers.

 We all know that e-Commerce websites are very competitive especially during the festival seasons. I was delighted because I make most of my purchase from online. I do most of my shopping from Flipkart and Snapdeal BTW. It all started with Amazon and Snapdeal’s idea of giving huge discounts to the consumers during the festival season which usually every company do.It was a big surprise when I saw lots and lots of advertisements on TV and newspapers about Flipkart’s BigBillionDay.
I knew Flipkart is very cunning in snatching the competition as it has already done in past. Festival Season, Big Hype.

 Finally, Flipkart’s BigBillionDay came and and it was started in the morning at 8 a.m. To my surprise , every product on Flipkart was sold on very cheap rate.What do you think a 16GB pen drive would cost you? 1000 Rupees? Well, it was sold on Flipkart at just 1 Rupee. Doesn’t matter, what do you think a Karbonn Smartphone would cost you? at least 3500, right? Aagh, it was sold for 99 rupees. BigBillionDay was really awesome day for Flipkart and for very few people who bought those products.

 What do you do when you ask millions of Indians to buy things at discounted price and you keep the items quantity not even close to 100. This is what happened on Flipkart’s BigBillionDay. Consumers were very frustrated because whatever they were trying to buy on that day was getting sold out in just a second.

 Well, not to say, we all know what has happened to Flipkart and the outcome was very frustrating. Later both Bansals made an apology and this was forgotten by few people, but to this time I can’t forget because on that particular day I had ordered something and I still haven’t got it.

 That was a LG LED 32 Inches TV. I ordered this amazing LED TV from LG which actually cost around 26K but on that so called “BigBillionDay” it was priced at 19,900 on Flipkart. Decent price and I was eager to buy it. I opted for Cash On Delivery because I sometimes pay money only after I receive my product.Soon after I ordered this TV, I found that the tv will be delivered on the next day. That made me feel good.

 I was actually buying this TV to surprise my family on this Diwali and this was our first LED TV.Right now we are using CRT tv from Samsung. Later in the evening I got an email from flipkart saying that they won’t be able to deliver the TV on 7th but on 8th. Ok, no problem, Diwali is still far. I thought even if it comes on 10th or 11th, I wouldn’t mind. Exactly happened, few days later I again got a reply from Flipkart that the order will be delayed.

 All my friends who ordered something on that day had got their product delivered. But my order was still laughing on me. The Flipkart order status showed that the Order is packed and dispatched but not shipped. I mailed and called Flipkart Customer care a number of times, but there was no proper reply from them. They said, We will deliver the TV as soon as possible and till now I haven’t got the TV.I asked them the reason why still my TV hasn’t been delivered and they said in stupid manner as “Sorry for inconvenience, we will deliver your tv soon.” Ducking crazy reply from the customer care.

 I ordered the TV on 6th of October and Today the date is 21st of October. The order as you can see in the picture below is still not shipped and I think it won’t be shipped by Flipkart. I have never realised that your service will go deep down to hell. This is why Flipkart Sucks!!! Have a good day! Moving to Snapdeal & Amazon. :)

this is why flipkart sucks

How to Engage Your Facebook Fans – 10 Tips for Engaging Fans

 Tips to Engage Your Facebook Fans

 You have a Facebook page about your product or service and you don’t know how to engage your fans. Your fans don’t share or like what you do and you just don’t know how to engage your Facebook fans. It’s not easy to engage your Facebook page because people don’t come to Facebook to view company pages or ads. They come to Facebook to connect with their families and friends.  So, here are my 10 tips for you to engage your Facebook fans and get more publicity in terms of sales or likes or shares.

engage your facebook fans1. First of all, ask your Fans which platform they like the most. If they are saying Facebook or Twitter, then be sure that you are choosing a right platform, which means Facebook here.

2. Communicate with your fans like a real person and not like a service man. Like I said, people come to Facebook to relax and not to see other stuffs. So be real with them as much as you can.

3. To be honest, social media is not about how many fans you have or how many likes you get on your page or your posts. It’s all about actions. If your fans are doing what you are saying, then that means your Facebook page is getting success. Reach out to them and let the action begin. This is why we do social media.

4. It’s a good practise to be relevant, concise, interesting and responsive. Interact with them, ask their views on a product or something you just posted.

5. Even if you have replied to a person thousand times, be sure to be polite. Reply almost everyone and answer them in timely manner and friendly manner.

6. Social media is a good way to show people how their time and money is making a difference. Report them with some interesting news.

7. Make your Facebook page a safe place to visit. Sometimes you might have to deal with negative comments. So be sure you are replying in good and no confrontational manner.

8. Post Interesting Photos. Photo speaks better than text. People get much more engaged on Photos rather than text posts.

9. Post at least 2 to 3 times a day. A blunt Facebook page is what fans don’t like. Be active on your Facebook platform.

10. If your fans want to know about you, they will see your website. Use social media to interact with them and don’t push or beg them to visit your site just to increase your website views.

VeryKool Spark s505 Review and Specification-a phone in $200 price

VeryKool Spark s505 Review

VeryKool Spark s505 is slim and solid but it doesn’t look like a budget smartphone.  The Spark is the latest smartphone from VeryKool(a smartphone brand based in San Diego). Though VeryKool’s predecessor suffered lots of criticism, the Spark is little better than them, a little.

VeryKool Spark s505 reviewDesign: VeryKool’s Spark has all in all plastic body. While there are no buttons in the front pane, the volume and power buttons are situated on the right edge. Being larger than the Samsung Galaxy S4, Spark might be little difficult to hold in your hand and make a call. Sometimes it’s difficult to reach to the volume keys when you are on the call.

The Spark is 5.64 inches large and 2.81 inches wide with the weight of 3.5 ounces. The back panel is made up of polycarbonate.  There are two SIM card slots and a microSD card slot. You can put one regular sized SIM card and other micro SIM. Spark allows you to expand your storage up to 32 GB storage which is good. However to access all your slots (SIM and microSD), you need to remove the battery which is annoying.

Spark’s display is 1280×720 pixel resolution with 293 ppi. With that screen size and resolution, along with the brighter colors the Spark gives you much more view of your applications or webpages.

Software: VeryKool’s Spark runs on Jellybean 4.2 which is almost two years old. When the Android is fasting ahead with Android L, VeryKool’s spark is still unproductive with Jellybean version being in the smartphone. Android’s current version is KitKat 4.4 and as per VeryKool, Spark will soon see an upgrade to the KitKat version. Only question is, why not installing the Android KitKat version and sell it instead of releasing a Jellybean and then giving users the upgrade to KitKat version.

Spark has given lots of productive apps built in which might be very useful to use. However few apps might just not be worthy at all. Google Now you cannot use from Google Search Widget. You have to swipe from bottom to use Google Now.

Camera: Spark features 12 Megapixel Camera in front and 2 Megapixel camera in rear. However, the picture quality is not so good. The camera could not produce good picture quality and enough shots with the 12MP.

Performance: Spark has 1.3GHz quad core MediaTek processor which is good for streaming videos, playing games and apps, but with just 512 MB RAM and 2GB internal storage, those things will definitely get slowed down if you perform multi-tasking.

Battery: Spark has 2000mAh battery which once again not good for a smartphone with 5+ inches and needful apps. As per VeryKool, the phone battery can last up to 10 days on standby mode.  The Spark is available for 3G networks and this is where your battery goes down again. Spark can last just about 5 hours in 3G.

How to Design a Killer eBook Cover page for Kindle with Cover Creator

Design an awesome eBook Cover for Kindle:

People put a lot of effort in creating or desiging an eBook cover. But they never seems to get the right cover for their eBooks.Publishing on Kindle can take your eBook to just another level. Sometimes most or I should say most of the time a single eBook cover page can take you hours  and hours of time. This is where Kindle’s Cover Creator comes into rescue.

Kindle Ebook cover creatorKindle’s Cover creator allows you to eithe choose the image of your own choice or you can choose from their stock. With lots of options and layouts available, you can customize your eBook cover very easily.

You need to follow few simple steps and you can save more time and create a very appealing and good design.

1. Lets Start: In the Cover Creator, Click on “starting a new” cover and click on “Add new title” button. Next,click on “Design with Cover Creator”. Once you click that, Cover creator will launch a interface where you will be provided with the directions as to what to do next.

2. Add image of your choice or from stock images: The image is the focal point of your cover design, so you should select it carefully. You want it to both tell what the book is about and be creative enough to draw a person’s eye to it. If you provide your own image, you want to make sure it’s an image that is high quality. You must also have total rights to use the image on your cover. Places like and have a large number of awesome pictures and graphics you can use.

3. Select the design you want: There will be 10 design bases you can choose from once you’ve uploaded your picture. Go through each base and try your information on it to see what it looks like. Select the one you feel best shows off your information and graphics. After you select one, you can customize it with different layouts, fonts and color schemes. If you you’ve come this far and still can’t find an image you like, don’t fret. If you can’t find an image you feel portraits your eBook, you can find base designs that allow you to prepare a cover without an image.

4.Customize the layout: When you choose your base design, you can begin to customize the layout. It’s easy to make changes of the fonts, color schemes and layouts of texts. All you have to do when you feel something needs changed is to simply click separately on each part.

5.Preview your cover and submit it: Once you feel it is complete, all you have to do is click on “Preview Cover.” and You can see how it looks in grayscale, color and in thumbnail view.When you’re pleased with the cover design, all you have to do is click “Save & Submit.” The Cover Creator will automatically close and load the cover. The cover will be loaded directly into the “Edit book details” of KDP.

You’re not stuck with the cover. If at a later date you feel you want to change something, or come across a really cool image you feel is exactly what you were looking for you can simply click “Edit my Cover.” You’ll have to finalize again by continuing to the “Rights & Pricing page and then click on “Save and Publish.”

Top 5 Windows Phone Apps For Music Downloads

Top 5 Music Apps for Windows Smartphone

Here is the top 5 list of some of the best and high rated Windows Phone music Apps for your smartphone for music lovers to listen the music and download them. I bet if you don’t have any of the following music app in your windows phone, then you are surely missing something good.

music apps for windows phoneMusic Downloader: With this amazing App for Windows phone you can download your favourite artists songs on your device with SoundCloud as the source. The downloads are totally legal and completely free.



musixmatch windows appMusixMatch Lyrics Player: Musixmatch has its very own UI design which embraces your eyes and the best part of it is that it displays the lyrics which is very needful for Karaoke. It has equalizer and album art fixing.


moli playerMoli Player Pro: Moli Player Pro is suited great for video and audio needs. Yes, it plays videos as well. Playing all the popular video and Audio formats, it also displays the subtitles. The app supports built in password feature.






music charts windows appMusic Charts: Music Charts is the one which organizes your all music albums easily. As the name says, Music Charts is updated with the Global music charts which you can listen and download at your ease.



music player windows appMusic Player: Music Player is once again the app most suited for Karaoke. You can sing along the song and record your own Karaoke. Search huge list of songs and download easily.



Xiaomi Mi 4 Exclusive Review and Specifications Hands on Review

Xiaomi Mi 4 elegant Design and great Performance:

   The flagship model from Xiaomi has plenty of features which most of the manufacturers will envy about. Features and the price tag will win everyone’s heart when it will launch by end of 2014. Currently Xiaomi Mi 4 is launched only in China and soon will be launched in other countries like Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, Malaysia and Philippines. The market price of Xiaomi Mi 4 in China is just above $320.

Xiaomi Mi 4 Review

  You might feel the design similar to Apple’s iPhone models however to be honest design is unique and very attractive. The front panel is steel band that protects your phone in most cases and the rear part is plastic body which resembles with the phone design. The design looks very premium quality and it is.

  Mi 4 has 5 inch display giving the full HD resolution of 1920×1080 pixels.  Xiaomi has 17% higher color accuracy than iPhone 5S. Colours are very bright and accurate and looks very lively.

  Xiaomi Mi4 is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 801 processor which is clocked at 2.5 GHz. But the most surprising thing is the 3GB RAM that comes loaded with it. With internal storage capacity of 16GB to 64GB, this amazing phone makes everything to run faster. However for most of us, the lack of microSD will hurt badly.

 Xiaomi Mi4 runs on Android KitKat 4.4.2 blended by Xiaomi’s own UI transforming Android platform into something new which we usually don’t see often. However, just like Apple, Xiaomi also puts every app on its home screen. However, Xiaomi gives you full control to customize the look based on user needs. Initially the phone lacks the Google Play Store, but you can easily download that from Xiaomi’s Mi Market.

  Every colour on Xiaomi’s camera comes alive. Even in low lights, the pictures are so sharp and elegant. The Main camera is 13 MP and the front camera is 8MP with Exmor-R CMOS image sensor.

How to know if you are blocked on twitter by someone

  Twitter is one of those social networks that maintain your social profile very well publicly and privately. If you want your profile being hidden from someone you can simply set your profile to private. But in cases if you don’t want your profile to be private and also if you want someone to not bug you again and again (or post some inappropriate content in your profile) then you can simply block them by visiting their profile. The person whom you have blocked will never receive any notification or something saying he or she has been blocked. Twitter doesn’t do that. However in case just to check if you are blocked by someone, then there are few things you can do to check if you are being blocked.

blocked by someone on twitter

Create an Alternate Twitter Account: If you are not getting the tweet updates of someone then you can be sure that you are being blocked. So here is one of those techniques most people know and is easy to do. You can simply create an alternate twitter account and follow the person who has blocked you. If “That” someone has set their profile as private, then you can simply send them follow request to see their tweets. You can only see their tweets if he or she accepts your request.

Try to Follow: If they have blocked you, then you will not be able to follow them. Try to click on the Follow button on their twitter profile. If you get the message stating that you are blocked, then you will just be able to read their tweets and nothing else. Meaning you are blocked and not allowed to comment or contact the person.

Tweet with@ reply: Create a tweet and mention @reply to the person. If you are not blocked, your tweet will appear otherwise it won’t appear on your twitter timeline which simply means your tweet has not been sent to that person as you are blocked by him.

Android L – Images and Features of Android L

Android L:

  The next major release of Android OS is of course Android L. Android Kitkat version has seen various features from earlier versions and now that Google has announced the upcoming version, everyone seems so excited about the upcoming version. Android L is supposed to be released in late 2014.

Android L Preview images and features

As per Google, Android L is most ambitious release after Jellybean 4.1 back in 2012. It will feature beautiful makeover in design with amazing Material Design UI. There is also  huge expectation from Android L as it is supposed to bring lots of changes to the notifications and bringing over increased energy efficiency.

Notifications will be displayed on the cards to adhere to the material design UI. All the versions of Android used Dalvik virtual machine but with Android L is replaced by Android runtime(ART). Android L improves battery consumption through optimization particularly known as “Project Volta”.

Currently Android L is launched as part of beta program where only Nexus users can use it but this update will be coming to most of the android smartphones in the late 2014.

5 Best Google Adsense Alternatives for small publishers

Best Adsense Alternatives For Small Publishers

Here is the List of Online Advertising Networks, Reviews and Payment Proofs.

   There has never been an easy ride for small publishers. For me, small publishers are those who write content in their blog but failed to get enough traffic to monetize. We all know Google Adsense is a giant ad network, but they are not always in the favour of small publishers. When you apply for an Adsense account, your application might be rejected due to less content or all those terms and conditions set by Google. For all those publishers and others who got banned from Google Adsense program, you still have enough ad networks on the internet from which you can earn money.

Adsense Alternatives for Small publishers

   I am going to list out 5 best ad networks for 2014 from which you can monetize your blog. My last post on Adsense alternatives was back in 2013 where I wrote 5 best Adsense alternatives. But this time it’s all about small publishers.

  1. Adversal: This ad network has taken small publishers to the new world. For those of you, who don’t know about Adversal, let me tell you how this network has taken advertising by storm. Adversal has high CPM rates and has lots of features for both advertisers and publishers. They are geo targeted ad network which means, publishers are getting high targeted ads and advertisers are thus going to pay high for their ad. This results in the high earning for publishers. With all those basic ad formats, Adversal has pop under and ministitial ad formats which gets more and better earnings. Their minimum payout is $20 and they pay by NET35.
  2. Infolinks: Infolinks is a good contextual advertising network which provides high CPC rates with lots of ad units. Infolinks is very popular among bloggers as they provide in text advertisement. The problem is only that sometimes your viewers might not like in text ads. So, for this if you want you can choose other ad options like InTags, InSearch and Inframe. They don’t have any minimal requirement for account approval and their minimal payout is $50 with NET45.
  3. CPX interactive:  Probably one of the largest CPM ad network, CPX interactive serves more number of high CPM ad units. With lots of varieties of ads to choose from, CPX interactive still allows only one ad unit per page. So, I would still consider this as one source of ad you can place on your blog. They provide wide range of Ad units which also includes Pop up and pop under ads. (Please be noted that pop up and pop under ads are against Adsense terms and conditions.)
  4. Vibrant Media: Vibrant Media uses IntelliTxt technology which means when user mouse hover a particular keyword, it opens a related ad. To be honest, Vibrant Media has premium  Advertisers and their CPC rate is very good. However, please look back at their terms and conditions as I still feel they tend to change their requirement from time to time. They pay via Wire Transfer and Check.
  5. Bidvertiser: Bidvertiser is a PPC network which offers various types of ads like buttons, banners, in line ads and skyscrapers. Bidvertiser does immediate account activation and giving full opportunity to publishers as they allow publishers to place ads as many as they like. Bidvertiser pay via Paypal, Skrill, Wire Transfer and Check.

Essential Tips to use Google Maps on Your Mobile – Google Maps Update

Google Maps Tricks and Tips so that you are Updated:

   Google Maps is the must have tool when it comes to people who travel lot. Google Maps in recent times is so much updated and become so much powerful that it can supercharge your mobile and I mind you that you won’t think that Google Maps is so err. So, let us find out what your Google Maps can do for you.

Google Maps- Offline SaveGoogle Cache:It is really easy to use Google Maps when you have good amount of data plan in your phone. But consider going to a place where you think there will be no proper mobile signal. Now, at that time of course your Google Maps won’t work because it requires mobile data to fetch the location on your device. There is a simple way you can do for it. You can Save your map. All you have to do is before you move away for travel; check out the location by saying “Ok Maps”. It is always good to zoom in and zoom out the location. When you are done, just click on Save button. Once it is saved, you don’t have to worry about the internet connection because your map is saved in the cache and whenever you want you can use it in anyway.

Double Tap to Zoom: This is amazing feature as you don’t that to use two fingers to Zoom in and Zoom out. All you have to do is double tap your thumb on the map and note that while doing on the second tap don’t lift your finger from the screen. Now just move your thumb up to Zoom in and down to Zoom out without lifting your finger.

Find out what’s Famous: This is something very needy when you are going to a great place and you don’t know where exactly to find the places like Hotels, Restaurants, Spas or any other famous place. All you have to do is to put a *(asterisk symbol) in your Google Maps search box and let the Google find the best places in that location. If you are connected in Google+, you can also write direct reviews on particular place.

Find Upcoming Events: If you are going out in a new city or just exploring, finding new events take a lot of time. But your Google Maps will make it somewhat easier. When you select an event venue on the map, a list of upcoming events will appear. From there, purchase tickets or book passes to whatever you’re interested in. This is it. :)